GES Promotion List for August 2022 Drops-Check Your Name

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GES Promotion List for August 2022 Drops-Check Your Name

The management of the Ghana Education Service (GES) has begun to release the names of qualified staff who are due to be promoted for the month of August 2022.

Teaching and non-teaching staff in the service have already been assured that they will all be promoted and placed on a suitable salary scale by the end of September 2022.

Approximately 17,000 lower-ranking employees will receive promotions in August and the ensuing months, according to the GES. Since the start of the year, 10,333 members of the teaching and non-teaching staff have been promoted.

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GES Promotion of Lower Ranks: GNAT Gives Assurance

However, this has demanded that a qualifying list of people who are eligible to be placed on the senior superintendent I (SS I) and senior superintendent II (SS II) levels be made public by the various GES directorates across the country.

Why some GES Promoted Staff May Not Receive Promotion Letters has published an available list of GES teaching and non-teaching staff at the lower rank who qualify to be promoted this month or in the coming months.

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GES staff who do not find their districts, municipal, or metros should check out the GES Lower Rank Staff Promotion-Supplementary List 2022

List of GES Promoted Staff-SS II to SS I



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