GES Promotions: New update on Exam Centres and Index Numbers

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GES Promotions: Latest updates on qualified applicants’ Exam Centres and Index Numbers

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has not yet released the index numbers of applicants who applied for the September 2021 promotions exam.

The GES is in charge of recruiting, upgrading, and promoting teachers to their proper ranks. Lower rank employees are promoted based on their performance. Higher-level employees such as Principal Superintendent, Assistant Director II, Assistant Director I, and Deputy Director must pass a GES aptitude test.

Candidates who pass are promoted or put on a new salary scale. The September promotion portal was the second edition in 2021, after February’s edition.

Information gathered by Educandghana.net reveals that the exam centres and index numbers for the September 2021 GES promotion exams have not been released. It also indicates that no SMS messages are being sent to applicants, hence individuals should be vigilant.

A District Education Human Resource who spoke to the Educand Ghana team revealed that the service is still going through the sorting and selection process.

According to the HR, the portal would be reopened for those with errors to access and address the errors after sorting into grade specifications. The final shortlisted applicants would be released to the general public afterward. MORE UPDATES SOON!!