GES Promotions: Processes Involved in Promoting Lower Ranks Staff

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GES Promotions: Processes Involved in Promoting Lower Ranks Staff

With respect to the Ghana Education Service (GES) promotions, the service has adopted a new method of upgrading teachers at the lower ranks.

Who is a Ghana Education Service (GES) Lower Rank Staff?

The lower rank staff are teaching and non-teaching staff or personnel on the rank of Senior Superintendent II and I. they are mostly fresh graduates from the colleges and universities. They mostly hold diploma certificates in education. They are normally promoted after serving four or more years in the service.

Who qualifies to Apply for a Lower Rank GES promotion?

GES staff who qualifies to apply for lower ranks promotions are those who were recruited into the service right from college or with a diploma as their professional certificate and have served for a minimum of 4-years.

What are the GES Lower Ranks?

The GES lower ranks are senior superintendent II and Senior Superintendent I. These ranks are commonly referred to as SS II and SS I respectively. Staff will have to serve for 4 years before qualifying for the SS I rank. This means that the SS I rank is higher than that of SS II

What is the next Rank After Exhausting the number of years at the GES Lower Rank?

Per the policies of the Ghana Education Service (GES), a staff qualifies to be moved to the Principal Superintendent Rank after serving a minimum number of four or more years.

How do I check the Promotions Results of the GES Lower Ranks?

The lower rank promotion is based on the work output of the individual and not a written aptitude test. Officials of the GES use the supervision tool in accessing staff who are due. Writing and checking results only applies to the higher ranks such as Principal Superintendent, Assistant Director I and II, Deputy Director, etc.

What is the New Policy of GES Promotions of Lower Ranks Staff?      

According to the GES new policy of lower rank promotions, after the promotion supervision or interview, names of successful applicants are forwarded to Accra, GES Headquarters.

After the verification process, the names of successful applicants are forwarded to the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) for adjustment of salaries to be effected.

Afterward, a list of those whose promotions have been effected list will be sent to their various municipal and district educational directorates for letters to be prepared for collection.

In short, with the new policy, qualified applicants will receive their promotion salary and rank before getting a letter to that effect but the names will come from CAGD with a confirmation to that effect.