GES Releases schedule for the Release of Newly Posted Teachers’ Staff IDs- 2022 [Second &Third batch]

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GES Releases schedule for the Release of Newly Posted Teachers’ Staff IDs- 2022 [Second &Third batch]

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has released the schedule for the release of newly posted teachers’ staff IDs for the year 2022. The service has, however, scheduled dates for the release of staff IDs for newly trained teachers whose IDs have not been released yet.

About the 2022 GES Newly Trained Teachers Staff of IDs

According to GES, all Teachers who had graduated from the various colleges of education, both private and public and got employed by the service as teachers are to be issued with staff IDs before salaries can be paid by the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD).

Furthermore, all teachers who graduated through distance mode from the various universities are to be issued with the said IDs.

First Batch of the 2022 GES Newly trained teachers Staff IDs released?

Following a delay in issuing these newly trained teachers’ staff IDs by GES, about 3,000 have already been issued this month (May 2022) and have been scheduled for biometric registration.

According to the GES, there are still some regions where new graduates have not received their IDs because it will be done in batches. The service has given the assurance that every newly trained teacher posted will be given their staff ID soon to enhance the biometric registration.

When will the Second Batch of 2022 GES Staff IDs be released?

According to GES, personnel from all regions will be issued their respective Staff ID numbers between June and July 2022.

After the first biometric, another list of staff IDs will be released. Newly posted teachers are to note that there is no need to panic if one’s name is not on the first list because it is being released in batches.

We are not sure how long it will take for them to deliver all these numbers but as soon as they are delivered, we will update you on when to check online or call your Regional directorate office to pick up your new number.

When will the GES Biometric Registration Come off?

In addition to proving your qualification as a teacher, you need to also register with GES on biometric registration. This registration determines your identity and ensures that you are who you say you are. So, when does it come off? Here’s a quick breakdown

 For new teachers who have already laid their hands on their staff IDs, here is a date for the biometric scheduled for May 2022. CLICK HERE to access it.

Will the Staff IDs be issued to all newly trained teachers who were posted by the GES in 2022?

Yes, all newly trained teachers who were posted by GES in 2022 will be issued their respective staff IDs by July ending 2022.

When will GES pay Salaries to newly trained teachers after Biometric Registration?

The Ghana Education Service (GES) will pay the salaries of newly trained teachers after the biometric registration is completed. This means that newly posted teachers who will undergo the biometric exercise in May 2022 will be paid in June 2022.