GES Study Leave With And Without Pay Application Forms Details-2022

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GES Study Leave With And Without Pay Application Forms Update-2022

The Ghana Education Service (GES) Study Leave Application for 2022 | How and When to apply | Requirements for Study Leave Application for the year 2022 | Study Leave Without Pay 2022 | Study Leave With Pay 2022.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) annually release study leave application forms for qualified and interested individuals to apply. The service has categorized the study leave into two. That is the study leave with pay and study leave without pay.

What is the difference between the GES Study Leave with Pay and the GES Study Leave without Pay?

GES Study Leave With Pay:

This type of leave is granted to in-service personnel who have served in the Ghana Education Service for some time. It is either granted to a teaching or non-teaching staff.  However, a person must work for a minimum of five (5) years before being granted study leave with pay in GES. Notwithstanding, the individual is restricted to study courses that are related to the profession as set by the employer (GES). In other words, study leave with pay is granted to a teaching or non-teaching staff of the GES for the 2022 approved courses only upon the approval of the Director-General of GES.

GES Study Leave Without Pay:

The Ghana Education Service also grants study leave without pay to its staff upon request. Staff personnel who wish to pursue courses not approved by GES are offered unpaid study leave. This has got advantages and disadvantages as well.

One of the major disadvantages of GES study leave without pay is that the facilitator/teacher loses his or her monthly salary in addition to the SSNIT payments.

Furthermore, such teachers will not be posted by the GES once their course is completed. As a result, you forfeit the outright posting that employees on paid leave are entitled to after their studies are completed. To put it another way, you will lose your employment as a Ghana Education Service teacher.

However, in a situation where one seeks re-engagement, the GES may re-engage through replacement, that is if there is a vacancy. Kindly note that the possibility of being re-engaged is very slim.

Moreover, one will be denied promotion possibilities while on study leave without pay at school pursuing a further program. Also, the number of years of service comes to a standstill until one completes further studies and gets re-engagement by the employer. Check out other GES leave entitlements for teachers in Ghana.

GES Study Leave with Pay Forms 2022 Release Date

 The Ghana Education Service (GES) will this year (2022) advertise the study leave with pay forms in June/July. Qualified persons must have to buy the university admission forms first before applying.  The approved courses for GES study with pay are accessible here. The applicant must meet the requirements as well.

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