GES Study Leave with Pay: Why Some Courses are not included

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GES Study Leave with Pay: Why Are Some Courses Not Included? | GES Study Leave with Pay: Why Some Courses are not included

In the 2021 academic year, the Ghana Education Service (GES) excluded some subjects or courses from the study leave with pay for in-service staff.

GES Study Leave with Pay Courses-2022/2023

The GES publishes an annual list of educational courses relevant to the field of the teaching profession. Individuals who meet the requirements and enroll in the aforementioned courses at the university are compensated while on campus. This is referred to as paid study leave.

Teachers have complained about the situation but have since not gotten any explanation it by the management of the service.

The following were the findings of Educand Ghana’s investigation into why Information and Communication Technology (ICT) or Information Technology (IT) was removed from the GES authorized programmes of study under study leave compensation.

GES Study Leave with Pay Forms-2022/2023

GES Study Leave with Pay: Reasons why some Courses are not Included

The lack of inclusion of ICT or IT in the GES study leave with pay courses might be due to the fact that the education sector recently created a portal for all Ghanaians, including foreigners, with a certificate in computer science, IT, ICT, or software engineering to apply for jobs.

As a result, there are no vacancies for computer professors. This might be the reason why ICT/IT courses are not included in the GES paid study leave.

Although the Ghana Education Service (GES) has not produced an official document showing study leave courses for the current year, a key subject such as Information and Communication Technology (ICT) was deleted from the list last year, which surprised many applicants.