Teachers go through a lot of trauma when it’s time for a teacher in the Ghana Education Service (GES) is to be promoted. Thus, from the struggle from inconsistent directives during application till the time the results are released. The brouhaha surrounding the 2021 February promotion results cannot be forgotten.

Anyway, this article is mainly focused on some reasons why GES should concentrate on automating the promotion of teachers in the public sector when one is due. A teacher is said to be promoted when the Ghana Education Service (employer) moves an employee up to the hierarchical levels within the service. A promotion typically allows an employee to progress to a higher position, a higher level of responsibility, and higher levels of authority within the organization. For instance, a Principal Superintendent may seek a promotion that leads to Assistant Director II. Additionally, promotions usually come with a salary increase. In the case of a Principal Superintendent promotion to Assistant Director II, the salary increases accordingly.

Teachers in the country Improve their skills to deliver increasingly better results in and out of the Classroom. Many teachers. They build on certain qualities that improve their effectiveness as a facilitator in the classroom. The majority of teachers across the length and breadth of the country invest almost two-thirds of their earnings to upgrade themselves after college. Yet this does not qualify one to be automatically promoted when due. They also expose themselves to a broader range of activities such as attending workshops that enable them to broaden their knowledge, skills, and experience in the teaching profession. Heads of schools especially demonstrate quality leadership skills.

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Teachers go a long way to improvise teaching and learning materials to supplement lesson delivery. To an extent, they create their own content in order to meet the classroom delivery requirement in the absence of textbooks and other basic materials. Without the requisite skills and experience, how are they able to perform these?

In the end, work performance or output is the most vital factor in employee promotion. Teachers strive a lot to enhance the success of their students. Even with the meager monthly earnings, they continually demonstrate a solid work ethic and strive to become the hardest-working person in every situation. Teachers are always prepared to do everything necessary and impress their employer (GES), such as performing daily work duties with excellence, teaching without textbooks and TLMs.

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The Ghana Education Service (GES) should consider the following to promote teachers.

Performance — One of the most important points for evaluating when is the right time to promote an employee is to assess or evaluate his/her performance or work output over a given period of time.

Length of service (seniority) – Another thing to take into consideration for knowing when the employee is ready for promotion or not is the length of service. The number of years that one has also served determines the time of promotion. For example, a teacher at the Principal Superintendent must be promoted automatically after four years of service.

Educational/technical qualifications – The educational and technical qualifications are also a measure or decision-making tool as far as the promotion is concerned. Many teachers upgrade themselves by furthering their education either through regular, distance, or sandwich mode.

Spacing of the promotion and career span of the individual – Another thing that must be considered when considering the promotion for an employee is the time since the last promotion.

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Training – The amount of training an employee has been given or the level to which he/she has also been groomed acts as a deciding factor. Teachers attend various workshop training to make sure this factor is achieved.


A typical example of the above subject is the February 2021 promotion exams. To eliminate the feeling of one being cheated, automatic promotion should be launched to reduce the stress teachers go through when they are due. Currently, teacher promotion is purely based on aptitude tests conducted by GES. People who do not meet the pass mark after writing the exams are not promoted to their respective ranks meanwhile most of these teachers record 90% to 98% in the subjects they teach annually.  Does it mean the aptitude test should just be the only way to promote a teacher?

For a big organization like GES to fail teachers based on examination is a bit disturbing and absurd. Educational stakeholders and other Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) should step in to put a halt to the unfair treatment meted out to teachers in the country.
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