GES Teachers Lower Rank Promotion-Latest Update

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GES Teachers Lower Rank Promotion-Latest Update

The Ghana Education Service (GES) earlier this year asked teachers at the lower rank to apply for promotion. That is, teachers at the Senior superintendent II (SS-II) rank and have served for a minimum of four years were directed to apply for the rank of Senior Superintendent I (SS I).

The directive issued by the GES covered both the 2016 and 2017 batch of graduates who were recruited by the service. Further revelations made by Educand Ghana Network reveal that some batch of the 2015-year group were also included.

The major cause of the compilation of batches was due to the outbreak of the pandemic hence the delay in promoting according to baches.

Initially, the information we gathered revealed that GES lower rank teachers who applied for the promotion were to be put on the right salary scale after the service was done with that of the senior ranks. Probably, this was to be in November.  However, there have been some major changes in promoting teachers at the lower ranks.

What is the New Update Concerning GES Teachers lower Ranks Promotion?

Per the information gathered from various districts’ education human resource departments, teachers of the lower grade are to expect promotions in January 2022. The fact of the matter is that some senior rank members who passed the February aptitude test have not yet been put on scale hence the impossibility of the GES to work on lower ranks.

We will try as much as possible to keep all lower rank applicants updated as soon as possible if there is any new development.