GES Vehicle Maintenance Allowance: Documents and Basic Requirements

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The Ghana Education Service (GES) has outlined the documents needed by its staff in order to qualify for vehicle maintenance allowance.

Teachers and Non-teaching staff in recent times have complained about the little care the GES gives when it comes to payment of such additional allowances.

In the 2020 GES collective agreement, it is stipulated that the service shall be paid vehicle maintenance and kilometric allowance at an approved rate to all teaching employees who are entitled to own or who own and use their vehicle their daily line of activities or duties as approved by the management of the Ghana Education Service.

In line with the above, the GES has revealed the basic requirements and necessary documents needed to be attached to the application letter when one is applying for the vehicle and kilometric allowance. Applicants who do not follow this procedure are likely to get their applications delayed.  

Requirements to Qualify for GES Vehicle Maintenance Allowance

  • Senior Staff (Above salary level 16)
  • Have spent Six (6) years in the service
  • An applicant does not occupy a position where an official vehicle has been assigned

Applicants are to note that the above documents are to help sensitize all staff of the GES on the basic requirements to qualify one for the allowance.

The service has also disclosed the documents an applicant has to attach to the application letter when applying for the vehicle maintenance allowance.

Documents to attach to GES Vehicle Maintenance Allowance Application Letter

  • Municipal/District Director Covering Letter
  • Completed Personal Record form
  • Recent Payslip
  • STC Motor Engineer’s Report and Certificate of valuation
  • DVLA Form A
  • DVLA Form C
  • Transfer/ change of ownership letter
  • Certificate of insurance
  • Roadworthy certificate (front and back)
  • First Appointment letter
  • Highest Academic/Professional certificate