Ghana Identification Cards And Their Registration & Renewal Prices

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Ghana Identification Cards And Their Registration & Renewal Prices

Here is the cost involved in renewing and accessing the Ghana National Identification Cards. The prices listed in this article are the official prices that can be obtained at any of their offices to apply and get served.

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It is however important to note that following the laid down procedures by the various institutions can sometimes delay intentionally or unintentionally due to reasons known to the concerned officers.

Applicants of any of the national identification cards should bear in mind that once a third party is involved in getting any of these services, they will be required to pay more than the prices listed below. An applicant may even be paid up to 10 times the original price.

In order not to feel someone rip you off your hard-earned cash, individuals are urged to go to the office and register for any of the services.


1Expedited Application48 Pages200.00
2Expedited Application32 Pages150.00
3Standard Application32 Pages100.00
4Standard Application48 Pages150.00

What is the cost of a Birth certificate in Ghana?

The normal price of a biometric birth certificate in Ghana is GH₵70.00. However, seeking the services of third parties may cost more than the above.

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Cost of Ghana Card or NIA Card

Registering for a new Ghana card will cost GH₵280.00 whereas replacement cost GH₵110.

How much are a business certificate and a Marriage certificate?

The cost of a business certificate in Ghana is GH₵160.00. Meanwhile, third-party services may inflate the price. On the other hand, the cost of a marriage certificate is GH₵250.00.