GNAT Constitution: Teachers call for amendment-Check Reasons

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GNAT Constitution: Teachers call for amendment-Check Reasons

Members of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) is seeking the amendment of the union’s constitution. According to the teachers, this move is to give the voting right to all GNAT members in good standing for GNAT elections at all levels, thus, National, Regional, District and Local/Zonal levels.

A petition sighted by indicates that when a voting right is given to members of the association, leaders will act in favour of teachers rather than lie in bed with the government to accept outcomes that do not favour the Ghanaian teacher.

“We believe if any union leader knows he/she has to go for votes from members who have not been treated well by the employer (Example members who have not been upgraded for years and/or without arrears for those years, members whose arrears have not been paid and/or forgotten about), that leader will act more firmed in front of Government. Unlike the current system where only a handful of delegates who may not necessarily vote base on the aspiration of their constituencies”

The teachers have furthermore indicated that the benefit-cost analysis showed the benefits far outweighed the cost.
“Talk of cost of the elections, we can use the GHS2500 given to new GNAT retirees for the elections. A new retiree who did not receive a decent salary in his working life (especially the last three years) means he/she would go home with a meagre pension, both lump sum and monthly pension in his pension years. That enhanced pension would far outweigh that meagre GHS2500”

The group of teachers have also said that voting can be decentralized just as how the national presidential elections are conducted.

“Talk of too many voters, we can decentralize the votings like the way political parties elect their flagbearers”.

Meanwhile, the group is still gathering volunteers in various Regions, Districts and Municipals who will gather signatories for an official petition.

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