GNAT Dues Deduction Must be Halted, teachers demand-Check Reasons

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GNAT Dues Deduction Must be Halted, teachers demand-Check Reasons

A group of teachers who mainly belong to the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) demands that the deduction of monthly dues must be halted. According to the teachers, the essence of one belonging to any association or union is that his or her interest is served, however, GNAT for several years now are serving their own interest to the neglect of their paymaster the Teacher

The group of teachers has also revealed that since the leaders have seen the need to negotiate a 4% salary increment with the view that, we are not in normal times, monthly dues of members must be stoppped from the month of August 2021 until normal times come such that when they are able to negotiate well for its members, they would have the moral right to demand dues from them as members.

The teachers also asserted that the leadership of the association uses their dues to enrich themselves at the expense of the ordinary teacher.

“GNAT members should not only be interested in locking the offices of their secretaries but let us also demand the total seizure of the deduction of our dues, which they only used to enriched themselves and enslaved us with high percentage interest rates of loans”

“Let us, as teachers rise against this injustice where our monthly dues are used to enrich the few who because of their selfishness become our leaders. GNAT is one of the teacher unions with so much Treasury as Profit from loans, monies from our buildings/GNAT hostels which are not given to members, interest accrued from our investments among others”.

The group is therefore demanding that CAGD should hold on to the deduction of GNAT dues for the month of August 2021 and others months until GNAT Leadership is able to get teachers a higher percentage than the article 71 holders whom the teacher taught.

“All article 71 holders are the products of the teacher and as such mush not earn more salary or allowances than the one who made them what they are today. Teachers of Ghana especially the youth let us rise against this injustice. We didn’t become Teachers to be billionaires, but we should also be able to have a good purchasing power such that we can also feed our families and pay the bills which the article 71 holders don’t pay. A word to the wise is in the ……! I am certain that I have spoken the minds of many Teachers in the chalk fraternity”.


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