GNAT members amend constitution

GNAT opens nomination for election of national officers-Apply Here

The Ghana National Association Of Teachers (GNAT) has opened nominations for eligible members to apply for the available national officers/executive positions. The elections of National Officers of GNAT will take place at the upcoming National Delegates Conference in January 2022.

However, Regional Scecretaries are required to make copies of the forms available at the District and Regional GNAT Sccretariats for any member in good standing who has intercest in contesting any of the National Positions.

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Regional Sccretaries are required to endorse duly filled nomination forms (ref. page 4) of candidate (s) from their regions. Please ensure that the needed attachments as required by the “Notes to Prospeetive Candidates” attached to the form are duly complied with.

Management entreats all staff and elected officers to provide a level playing field for all prospective candidates to ensure free, fair and transparent elections.
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