Government releases funds to headmasters, says FSHS is not under stress

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The government through the Ministry of Education on 14th May, 2021 releaesd (¢125, 998,145. 00) of which ¢83,184,673.00 went to Buffer Stock Company and ¢42,813,472.00 going to the Headmasters of SHS for the payments of perishable components of the feeding to the schools.

This follows payments made on the 28t April 2021, when a total of Gh102,350,871.20 was paid to the Buffer Stock Company and Headmasters ( for perishables) for the first semester.

The Ministry is therefore assuring all parents and other stakeholders once again that the Free Senior High School (FSHS) initiative is not under stress as was being peddled around by some people for reasons best known to them.