Here is what you should know before you apply for colleges of education-2021/22

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Any individual who has taken a decision to apply to go to the teacher training college has made a good choice. I will always reiterate that a university degree and a college degree are no different. The only difference between them is that one fetches you immediate employment whereas the other doesn’t. It is, therefore, obligatory to know the terms and conditions before applying to the college. Informed Teachers Network (ITN) has therefore provided answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by Senior High School graduates with the intention to go college.

  1. I have C6 in this, A1 in that and D7 in those. Do I qualify to gain admission into teachers training college? Should I apply?

Ans: Colleges of Education don’t accept D7 as admission requirements especially this time around that they are running Degree in Education programs.
You must pass three core subjects A1-C6 (English and Maths are compulsory to pass, For science and social studies, if you fail one, you can use the other) and pass three electives too from A1-C6. However, if you are able to find yourself in any of the 46 public colleges of education through the backdoor without all the qualifications, you are given an ultimatum to re-write the failed WASSCE papers. Failure to redeem yourself within the stipulated time, you may not be awarded a certificate after completing. This means that you cannot graduate. No certificate means, you can not partake in National Service nor get postings.

  1. I learnt they are only running three categories of programs, Early Childhood, Primary and JHS. How do I choose my electives for the purpose of topup in the near future?

Ans: During your first year, all trainees will offer General courses, same for everyone. Seven courses for your first semester and 6 courses for second semester. From second year, you will be required to select your electives like the RME, ICT, Social Studies, etc

  1. Do you have any connections to help me get admission?

Ans: No! But there’s a secret that you may be interested in. But knowledge is not free

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