Why validators/headteachers refused to validate their staff members in February

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Why do some validators/headteachers refuse to validate their staff members for February 2022? | Solution to Non-validation Issues | Ways to Validate a Staff Member with Issues | Non-Payment Issues | CAGD Validation Issues | ESPV Validation Issues |

The Ghana education service (GES) has detailed why some validators or headteachers refused to validate their staff members during the February validation and other months validation.

A press statement issued by the GES and sighted by the Educand Ghana Network reveals that some validators intentionally refuse to validate their staff members on the salary payment voucher whenever the validation window is opened due to personal interest.

The service has appreciated the service of all patriotic validators who try their possible best to serve mother Ghana with all their heart by not validating some staff members but has cautioned that the guidelines must be followed to prevent any future problems.

“Management still appreciates the valid reasons for non-validation of staff under the various circumstances as indicated in the guidelines for validation of salaries and fully endorses them and urges the various validators to ensure strict compliance with those guidelines”

The GES has revealed that too often, validators pursue narrow, parochial interests rather than trying to serve broader concerns by not following the guidelines outlined by the Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD) and the employer.

The GES has therefore instructed that due to the abuse of the principle of validation of salaries, henceforth, no validator should refuse to validate any staff on the basis of any other reason apart from those contained in the guidelines.

What validators If they Do not want to validate a staff member

A validation officer who wants to strictly follow the validation guidelines by not validating a staff member must immediately make a formal report to the regional or district director of education or the director-general of GES.

If the above is not adhered to, it will amount to gross misconduct by the validator. The GES has called on staff members who feel aggrieved due to the negligence of some validators to immediately report to the appropriate quarters with the GES for investigations.

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