Highlights of some challenges faced by by the Youth of Ghana.

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Highlights of some challenges faced by by the Youth of Ghana.

Certainly, there are many challenges faced by the youth of Ghana. Among the challenges faced by the youth include: Lack of employment; Failure to succeed in education in the education system; Problem from the family; abuse of substance; materialism pressure; inadequate affordable housing; crime


The issue of unemployment is material is a big threat to the development of every country. Unemployment is a static problem faced by the Ghanaian populace. Many university and college graduates are rendered jobless after completion of school. Few people get the opportunity to work with government and private institutions after graduation. These young energetic youth end up being distressed and they are left with no hope.


In Ghana, the majority of people go to school with the sole aim of getting a proper job upon climbing the academic ladder. The system leaves thousands of young graduates every year without employment or jobs. This due to a failed education system that concentrates mainly on content leaving skill development. Whenever a situation of this sought happens, individuals who kept their hopes in education end being failed by the system and rendered useless


Africans are usually tagged with issues high birth rate which is true. Family problems pop up as a problem faced by the Ghanaian youth when there is a high dependency ratio. There will be pressure on any person who has a large family no matter how much the person earns as income. This is a major factor that cripples a lot of youth because they will have to spend every penny on them to ensure the survival of the family. These youth will have to offer support such as financial support, Educational support, and many others.


Another problem faced by the youth in Ghana is substance abuse or drug abuse. Most people take in drugs without doctors’ or physician’s prescription which in turn harm or affect the health of the person. The most common ones are tramadol and smoking. These substances affect the youth by causing psychological and emotional disorders.


Due to the wrong use of social media, the youth of Ghana buys unnecessary materialism pressure for themselves. Social media have brought more harm than good to the Ghanaian youth and as result have endangered the lives of the youth. Scamming and fraudulent activities have become rampant due to unnecessary pressure. They find every ways and means to make money.


Most youth in Ghana has no access to shelter. Some sleep on the street whereas where others sleep is nothing to write home about. The government and the institutions responsible for the affordable housing initiative have failed to deliver on their promises thereby denying people housing. Provision of housing at affordable rates could curb the issue of housing challenges faced by the youth of Ghana.

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