How to access Quick Loan on the CAGD Epayslip Portal

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How to access Quick Loan on the CAGD EPayslip Portal

It has become very easy for a salaried worker in the public sector to access a quick loan via the Controller And Accountant General’s Department CAGD Epayslip portal.

The Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD) have introduced a new Interface of the Epayslip following the introduction of the Third-Party Reference System (TPRS).

It has become very easy for public sector workers who receive their salaries through the CAGD to apply for quick loans right on their computers or smartphones.

Before we start with the process to apply for a quick loan on the CAGD Epayslip portal, let’s take a look at some new updates that have been made on the portal.

New Updates on the GoG EPayslip Portal.

  • Quick Loan Access Button from third party institutions.
  • Request a Change of bank.
  • Generate and view Tier-Two pension deductions.
  • View deductions from third party agencies
  • Leave of absence
  • Study leave with pay
  • Break in service

Now, let’s take a critical look at how one can access a quick loan on the CAGD Epayslip Portal.

How to access Quick Loan on the CAGD Epayslip Portal

  1. Log on to
  2. Enter your login Details and code.
  3. clcik in the login button to access the epaysip dashboard.
  4. On the pay payslip dashboard, navigate to or select ‘Quick Loan’
  5. In the next window, click on the view button to see their loan packages.
  6. Subscribe to any of the packages of the financial companies you find attractive.
  7. Wait for a message or call from the financial institution to commence the disbursement of the loan.

However, public sector workers who wish to change their bank, check main and Supplementary Payslip, Change Password, Generate a Mandate Form, Change Association, Change their Phone Number, Report Wrongful Deductions Send Messages to CAGD and many more can use the Epayslip Portal to do so. Click HERE to change your phone number on the portal.