How To Become A Lecturer In Ghana

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How To Become A Lecturer In Ghana

About lecturing in Ghana

Lecturing is a widely admired profession in Ghana, and for people who wish to stay in the field of education, lecturing is the best choice for them. Let’s not even talk about the salary that comes with it, but a great number of people wish to one day be called lecturers because of the satisfaction they will get from it. A lot of questions are always asked about how to become a lecturer in Ghana.

As people wish to become doctors and lawyers and nurses, so are people studying to become lecturers and teach in one of these universities. It is humanly to seek the best to be satisfied with your achievement. To some, becoming a lecturer will give them the decent life they wish to love, to others, it will give them the respect and recognition they desire and to a few, they and to be lecturers for the feeling it gives them, they wish to be so for the pleasure of just being a lecturer.

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The sad truth is that, in Ghana, the conditions surrounding the career of lecturing are not encouraging and as such, people who wish to become lecturers for the love of it are those who will have passion for it, and even with that, you may have your breaking point when things get rough.

Lecturing in Ghana is not as simple as people think it is, but with determination, money, and smart studying, you can become a lecturer at a very young age.

For any of these reasons above, becoming a lecturer is the same for all in Ghana.

Here is how to become a lecturer in Ghana

  • You must have the required qualifications, thus:
  • You will need a degree: For you to fully become a lecturer, you should have done or should be done with your first degree in any course of your choice. This should be done at any of the recognized universities. Be sure to get a good grade; that will give you an advantage when you are pursuing a postgraduate programme. The first degree is the gate to the path of lecturing, and so there are no two ways to become a lecturer in Ghana if you do not have a degree.

  • The Next Step is a Postgraduate Degree: One thing to note about lecturing is that you can do it if you have good experience in education in Ghana with a Master’s degree. Lecturing partly comes with research projects, and so the research there must be a one-year semester where you take a course in research. This degree is usually done when one does a Masters in Philosophy (M Phil). There are so many courses done at the postgraduate level, like MA, MBA, and M.Sc. degrees, but the truth is that, if one has a degree in any of these, they must still have a degree in M Phil before they can become a lecturer in Ghana.

  • The overall qualification is a Ph.D., you can be accepted as a lecturer at any university in Ghana. You might as well have published some papers and also possess some charismatic characteristics such as patience, dedication, and diligence towards your work. The job of a lecturer is not a small task as you have to deal with adults and grownups as old as you are or even more, and hence one has to brace themselves for the work. It is, however, a rewarding career as it comes with some good benefits.
  • Among the above qualifications is the ability to communicate well. Lecturing involves a lot of communication with your subordinates and the people above you. You should have the skills to communicate well with them.

  • You have to be confident in yourself. Remember that you are going to face people who are your age or even older than you are. You should be able to master courage, be confident in yourself, and know-how to command respect from them. When students realize that you should not be taken for granted, no matter your age, they are forced to respect you regardless of your age. It all comes down to how you carry yourself.

  • You should look for a job after getting all the requirements. Lecturing is such that you are not posted after getting your degree; you have to search for the job by putting together your CV and doing a few pieces of research on the schools you may want to lecture at. In your application, you should show that you are well qualified for the slot. That is why it is a plus if you have good experience in the education sector and a good relationship with students or children.

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