How to Buy an AdSense Approved Account-2022

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How to Buy an AdSense Approved Account-2022

Do you know you can buy an AdSense approved account without any stress?

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In this article, we will shed light on how one can buy an AdSense-approved account in 2022 with ease. Many people believe that to monetize a blog, one must start from scratch by getting a domain to create content before Google AdSense gives the approval to start showing ads.

Frankly speaking, this is sometimes tiresome, especially to newbies. Any fresher who wants to monetize a blog must have a quite number of contents published.

To avoid all this stress, buy an already designed blog with an AdSense approved account attached. Are you wondering how to buy an AdSense approved blog? Worry not- we will guide you on how to get an AdSense approved at a very affordable price. It must be noted that a PIN Verified AdSense account must be bought and not the unverified one.

Hi, reader in this article, we will look at some of the trusted online AdSense account sellers on the internet today.

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Does AdSense approve free domain?

Yes, Google AdSense approves free domains. The only thing Google considers is the uniqueness of the content and how relevant it is to your readers. Free hosting sites like Blogger, WordPress, and others do get approval considering the content published.

How many articles for AdSense approval?

The minimum number of articles needed for AdSense approval is 30. Notwithstanding this, it may be based on the number of words contained in each article. For example, 20 articles published with about 1500 words each stand the chance of getting google approval at ease. However, it is important to note that each article published must contain at least 300 words if one is to go by the 30 articles.

AdSense getting ready

AdSense getting ready is the feedback an applicant gets on the dashboard if one submits a website to google for AdSense approval. This normally takes a few days or weeks before the site gets ready to serve ads. Thus, if the site meets Google’s requirements.

How to sign up for Google AdSense without a website

It is possible for an individual to sign up for Google AdSense without a website. The basic requirement to create an AdSense account is a Gmail account. YouTube channels are monetized using Google AdSense too, so YouTubers can monetize their channels with AdSense as well. It is, therefore, not a must for one to own a website before signing up for AdSense.