How to check your GNAT Mutual Fund Contribution/Statement

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How to check your GNAT Mutual Fund Contribution And Statement

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has simplified steps to enable any member of the association to check his or her mutual fund contribution and statement using a mobile phone.

This measure is to give direct access to all members to periodically check the contributions made to the scheme and the interest accrued.

GNAT Mutual Fund contributors should note that the higher one contributes to the scheme, the higher the interest accrued and vice versa. Another advantage of increasing the monthly contribution is that loans are disbursed according to the amount contributed to the scheme.

Let’s say Akosua contributes GHS 200 to the scheme every month, and Adinkra contributes GHS 50, Akosua will get a huge amount of money as a loan than Adinkra.

Back to the basis, before the introduction of this initiative which allows contributors to check their Fund statement and contribution at a go, the traditional method was in place. Contributors were given annual statements which were posted or distributed by their various local or circuit GNAT secretaries.
One disadvantage of it was that a lot of teachers who are contributors ended up not getting the end-of-year contribution slips.

The new method of checking has come to eliminate these anomalies.
In this article, we will take a look at how to register, how to check the mutual fund ID, How to check current mutual fund, contribution, and How to check total Contribution.

Members Should Follow the Steps Below to Check their GNAT Mutual Fund Contribution and Statement.

How to Register for GNAT Mutual Fund

  • Dial *800# number on all networks(Vodafone, MTN, Glo, AirtelTigo and Espresso) on your phone
  • Select Register
  • Enter your staff ID
  • Enter 6-digits passcode eg 123456

How to Check GNAT Mutual Fund ID

  • Type the code *800#
  • Select option 2 to check your ID
  • Enter staff ID
  • Finally, your Fund ID will display

How to Check for GNAT Mutual Fund Current Contribution

  • Enter the *800#
  • Choose option 3 to check your current contribution
  • Type the Fund ID
  • Finally, your current contribution will display

How to check for GNAT Mutual Fund Total Contribution

  • Enter the *800#
  • Choose option 4 to check your total contribution
  • Type the Fund ID
  • Finally, your total contribution will display

Kindly note that a passcode will be requested during registration hence the need for members to contact their district GNAT secretary for the passcode if they didn’t get the message containing the passcode from GNAT. Meanwhile, persons who are contributors to the scheme can follow these steps to access the mutual fund loan.