How to determine NTC-accredited CPD training workshops

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How to determine NTC-accredited CPD training workshops

Here is how to determine National Teaching Council (NTC) approved or accredited workshops.

The council must give accreditation to service providers before a particular workshop training is deemed legit.

Individuals who do not look out for eligible service providers attend the said workshops at their own peril.

The council continuously issues disclaimer messages to Ghana Education Service (GES) staff, especially teachers, to be cautious about mandatory workshops organized by unscrupulous persons.

In order to avoid being duped, the management of the council has advised teachers in both private and public schools to watch out for NTC-approved seminars.

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What Happens when you attend a non-NTC accredited CPD workshop?

Attending a non-NTC-approved CPD workshop has many implications for the participant. In the end, no Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points will be awarded although payment has been made as well as time wastage.

Below is how to determine an approved NTC-approved CPD workshop.

How to determine NTC-accredited CPD training workshops

To determine the credibility of any accredited CPD provider, visit Scroll down to view all accredited CPD Providers.

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