How to Solve AdSense ad Serving Limit | Boost CPC and CTR in 2023

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How to Solve AdSense ad Serving Limit | Boost CPC and CTR in 2023

Do you know why blogging is interesting? Do you know why every student or individual must involve him or herself in blogging? Do you know as of now 3 out of every 10 individuals believe that blogging pays more than government or public sector workers; thus to say salary earners cannot compare themselves to either part-time or full-time bloggers.

However, to be a successful blogger there are principles one must follow. There are dos and don’ts just like the rules and regulations governing workplaces.

Grab a cup of coffee as this article gives you all the juicy gist on how to increase Google Adsense earnings and also solve your account ad limit with ease.

Why is Blogging an Interesting Profession?

Blogging is a fascinating part-time or full-time profession since, once your site is established, you can outsource practically everything and you won’t even need to work hard. While you concentrate on information distribution, important tasks like content production, link building, brand promotion, and much more can be delegated to agencies like TMLT or any reputable one.

Consider sponsoring your ad account, pushing valuable content to your target audience, and receiving payment. LOL, seems simple? The highest earners, including me, do this. You spend $100,000 on advertisements and get a profit of $200,000 to $500,000. Isn’t this interesting?

One of the business modules that anyone can start at their lowest point and grow to be fully established in is blogging. To learn how to develop an organic presence in an underserved niche, attract real-time traffic to your blog site via search engines, and market material with a high potential for traffic, one must enroll in masters classes.

You also get the chance to work with marketers and monetize your blog through various ad networks. Learning how to blog is essentially for everyone. regardless of your gender, tribe, or religion. Your starting point is up to you; your thinking is the limit.

Even if you’re a medical professional or a doctor. In addition to using ad networks to monetize your niche, you can start a blog, discuss your area of expertise, and charge people for consultations. Just extremely simple.

One of those industries is blogging, which enables you to communicate your ideas to a cold, unknowing audience, gain their trust over time, and then sell them any services you choose. Blogging greatly simplifies the process of earning money in your area.

You have an opportunity to pick up knowledge from a webmaster with a lot of demonstrable results. Avoid letting things slide. The majority of people are learning how to implement our concept in real-time, including keyword research, content planning, SEO, article writing, content distribution, swap files, committed assistance, and much more. Register right away by clicking on this link:>>>

How To Increase Your Adsense CPC To $1 And Above


The knowledge I’ll be dispensing here is of exceptional worth and will fundamentally alter how your blog moves forward. It is only reasonable that you show your appreciation for my work by sharing and liking this post. Give it the exposure it needs so that other bloggers can benefit from it.

High Adsense CPC And Earnings

Having said that, let’s get down to business. My ability to generate High CPC on my Adsense accounts is what I consider to be my biggest success in terms of Adsense Arbitrage Blogging. No matter the TLD or domain extension (Whether .com,, etc.)

My CPC can occasionally reach $17 per click. Other times, it might only cost $1. However, I discovered how to make it happen because it doesn’t just happen on its own. In other words, I am in charge of it. Actually, I kind of push it. But how can I go about doing this? I’ll demonstrate.

Procedures to Increase Your Adsense CPC in 2023

  • Create a blog on any niche out of passion and expect a miracle to happen.

I don’t just start a blog about any topic out of passion and hope for the best. You won’t make any money that way, I can assure you having done so for many years. I would alter the niche right away even if I were to purchase an Adsense account with a blog that is not in a high CPC market.

Adsense Arbitrage Blogging is a business, so it will be wise if you don’t let your passion for your chosen niche overwhelm your sense of reason. If money there is no money in that niche, abort the said niche.

Typically, I focus on finance, travel, education, and insurance. However, picking a good niche alone is insufficient, so I also do the second step listed below.

  • Create top quality articles that will trigger Google to place ads your site.

The next step to take after picking a strong niche is to write high-quality content that will prompt Google to display ads with call-to-action buttons like “APPLY NOW,” “GET QUOTE,” and “BUY NOW” on the website. Repeat reading this until you understand it.

There’s a rationale for this. Ads featuring such call-to-action buttons are typically Lead Generation Ads when it comes to Google Advertising. Because users who click on these advertisements are not merely considered website visitors but rather Leads or Potential Leads, Google charges marketers more for these ads. According to Google, anyone can finish any offer from an advertiser by clicking on the “Apply Now” or “Get Quote” button and entering their information into the corresponding form on the advertiser’s website.

This is why the majority of people who constantly write about scholarships, cars, and insurance offers frequently encounter these kinds of adverts on their websites and also experience higher CPC.

Write mostly Listicles to encourage Google to display similar ads on your website. For example, “Nursing Insurance Jobs In Canada,” “Fully Funded Scholarships In Germany,” “Universities Offering Scholarships For Postgraduate Degrees,” and “Luxury SUVs For Business Executives,” among others. generally listicles.

Don’t duplicate them from another blogger’s blog. Write them yourself or have others do it for you.

With the help of keywords like the ones mentioned above, Google will automatically classify your website as a lead generation tool. And in exchange, they will place Lead Generation Ads on the website that read “Apply Now, Get Quote, and Buy Now.” Once more, these Adsense advertisements pay more than ones that just Find Out More, Free Download, Free Subscription, or Play Now.

I promise you a very good CPC whenever visitors to your website click on advertising with such Lead Generation call-to-action buttons and carry out the action.

Again, write more LISTICLES—articles that compile a list of items into one—to do this. For instance, the top 10 schools in Canada, the best types of bank accounts for teenagers, the top 10 insurance plans for wage earners, and scholarships in Michigan for international students, among other topics.

  • Ensure that your blog loads super fast.

The third action to take is to make sure your blog loads extremely quickly. Some of you don’t appreciate the impact of a website that loads quickly. A website that loads slowly not only irritates visitors, but it also lowers your CPC. Because of this, the majority of professional bloggers you know would prefer pay tens or hundreds of dollars a month for overseas hosts than purchase it for less money from local hosting providers.

A lightweight theme must be used on your website as well. Even if it isn’t as stunning as all those 2MB+ ones, embrace it anyway. The lighter, less attractive themes typically convert much better because of how quickly they load.

After that, use useful plugins like WP QUAD Advertisements to position your ads on your website in the appropriate locations. (To find out how to achieve that, scroll down to see a piece on How To Boost Your CTR.)

  • Request for traffic from tier 1 countries

Here’s what you can do if your website’s advertising are fully live and you followed the instructions attentively from step one down: Request that a friend visit your website and complete an offer from any Tier 1 nation (such as the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, etc.). 1 offer per friend only. A minimum of two to four pals would be ideal for this.

What do I mean by completing an offer there?

Any advertisement that urges users to Apply Now, Sign Up Now, Book An Appointment, or Get a Quote Now should be clicked, and users should make sure to complete the action on the advertiser’s website. Just make sure they finish the deal to make it profitable for you and the advertisers. This has major significance.

I won’t include it here, but there is another way you can safely accomplish that on your own from anywhere in the world. I just give private lessons in that on

Watch your CPC that day and see how quickly it has increased. If you only receive those clicks that day, it will undoubtedly cost you between $2 and $6. Additional clicks from other places could bring it down to about $1.

Repeat step 4 for around two to three days. You can move on to step 5 below if the increase in your CPC stays consistent or goes up throughout those three days.

  • Create a Messenger Chatbot and link your Facebook page to it.

Create a Messenger Chatbot now, and connect it to your Facebook page. If you want to learn more about this feature, you may pay a very low price to subscribe to a TikTok Ads course on Skillarr. On how to achieve this, everything has been covered there. It can be found in Modules 5, 6, and 7.

Your Adsense account won’t be suspended, so don’t worry. Just abide by all the rules and restrictions that have been established there.

Create a Messenger ad directing people to your inbox on your Facebook page after you’ve linked your chatbot to your page. The chatbot will then take over and guide them to your site so they may click on your advertisements. You’ll notice a very high rise in your CPC and CTR afterward.

Now push some traffic from TikTok Ads targeting the same places to your site in order to reduce your CTR and maintain everything in balance, including your CPC.
By manually giving yourself some pageviews using Chrome extensions like Auto Tab Reloader and others, you can influence your CTR as well. All you need to do is understand how to use them effectively.

How to Solve Adsense Ad Limit in 2023

  1. Ensure you’re having daily organic traffic. At least 20 clicks from search results daily are okay.
  2. Remove all the ads including plugins hiding your ads, and ensure you also remove the code in your head section.
  3. Turn off auto ads
  4. Archive all the ad units.
  5. Create a new ad unit.
  6. Leave your site empty without a trace of Google ad code anywhere for at least 5 days.
  7. Add the newest ad unit you created before on the sidebar, (just one).
  8. Give it a day or two to receive an impression.
  9. Ad will start showing.
  10. Release other ads from achieve and start Implementing them gradually, keep auto ads off for now, until you see that all ads are working.
  11. Turn on auto ads and enjoy.

Note that this has been tried for some affected websites, and it worked well using the same strategy. One was placed on an ad limit for 2 months and the other for 2 weeks, but after the experiment, they both came back the same week. The whole process took less than two weeks.

Google Ad limits And Ban: What Is the Future of Adsense Arbitrage for Bloggers and Youtubers In 2023? My 4-Step Solutions

Two days ago, one of my newly found friends asked me this question. With all of the Adsense ad limits and bans for bloggers on the rise right now, what do you think the future of arbitrage bloggers and YouTubers will be in 2023, especially for newbies who are thinking about getting into it or have already started?

The Adsense ad limits and account deletion or ban didn’t begin today, let me clarify that. Since Google began working with bloggers and YouTubers to put advertising on their material, it has always been a thing. It only grew in popularity because more and more people are starting to accept arbitrage blogging as a viable SEO substitute.

Arbitrage blogging is more of a short cut to accomplishing those goals, even if both arbitrage and SEO are excellent sources of traffic and ultimately content monetization.

More and more secure traffic sources will emerge in 2023. To do this, several of us have already invested significant money in it and are working with other bloggers from nations like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India that are technologically advanced.

Please continue reading if your account struggles with ad limits frequently since you are a new user as I provide some insightful advice.

First of all, Ad limit is not a matter of life or death. Simply said, Google is temporarily pausing the display of your ads in order to investigate the reason for the spike in visitors, ad clicks, and revenue. Most of the time, it will be lifted within 30 days even if you don’t make any significant site changes.

Actually, they do this to prevent advertisers that pay them to reach visitors to your site from losing money on clicks that won’t result in leads for them. These clicks are referred to as invalid clicks or clicks coming from fraudulent traffic.

No matter where your clicks are coming from—Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, and so on—ads limits are the standard. It will still appear as soon as there is a significant increase in your traffic, clicks, and revenue, regardless of how you want to convert your links to represent Google organic traffic. Should this discourage you from arbitrage blogging? Not at all. Instead, strategize and re-strategize your pattern.

How to Solve Adsense Arbitrage Ad Limit

  • STEP 1

If your Adsense account has previously been on Adlimits, look back and see how long you were able to drive traffic there before the limit was reached. So now type it out. The number of days you will have to run your arbitrage securely the next month before being hit with another adlimit on your account is calculated by dividing that number by two.

Let’s imagine, for instance, that two weeks before to the latest adlimit, you placed advertisements to drive visitors to your website. You will only have seven days to push that huge traffic, clicks, and earnings again before you are hit with another adlimit if you divide it by two.

Depending on the age, strength, and natural organic traffic on the account, it can range from 5 to 30 days for the majority of accounts. You may rest easy knowing it’s between 5 and 10 days if you’re using a newly verified account.

There may now be a select few exceptions in which there are more than half as many safe days as usual. But continue to utilize the division approach to be safe.

  • STEP 2

Determine when you will push the traffic you intend to use to generate clicks and earnings after knowing how many safe days you have. The third or fourth week of the month is normally my recommendation so that everything may easily roll over into your balance. Although it is safer, they are still permitted to remove some of your earnings from that balance.

For example, if your safe period is 14 days, mark your calendar from 14th to 30th, or from 25th to 30th, if it is 5 or 6 days. At this point, you will increase site visitors and ad clicks. However, what will you be doing on the other days? In the next phase, I’ll demonstrate.

  • STEP 3

On the days you won’t be running ads, generate as many page views as you can on the site to prep the account. Please note that I said pageviews. Not clicks or earnings. You are allowed to visit your site as many times as you want but not to click on your ads. Adsense allows you to visit your site from the same IP many times, but don’t click on your own ads. Let the clicks happen naturally within that period.

To be safer, use a different browser from the one you used to log into your Adsense account and WordPress admin dashboard, or just create another Google Chrome profile for it. I personally create new profiles for this. You can start with 500 pageviews per day and subsequently increase it.

To easily generate this pageviews on your site, download the extensions called “Linkclump” and “Auto Tab Reloader” from Google Chrome’s Extension directory. Learn how to use them to open multiple posts on your site at once and time all the tabs to reload themselves after some minutes.

If done correctly and if your laptop RAM is large enough, you can use these two to open more than 150 posts at once and reload them randomly in 3, 5, or 10 minutes. That’s generating over 500 pageviews for yourself within 1 to 2 hours at a stretch. You can also do it intermittently to spread your traffic across many hours of the day. Interestingly, doing this will also help your CPC in the long run.

  • STEP 4

Push as much traffic, clicks, and revenue as you can during those days once the deadline for your ad campaigns has passed. Depending on the age and health of your account, let’s assume your goal on Day 1 is $100 or $1,000. You’ll set that goal for the remaining days, suspend the advertisements, and then reset your goal to pageviews only. Your Adsense account may still experience the ad limit and a few deductions, but the account will be secure. There may just be one of them, but by that time you must have loaded enough money to cash out the following month.

You can also run your ads intermittently within this period (today On, tomorrow Off) to slow down how fast the adlimit will come. But don’t you expect your CPC and earnings to be stable that way?

Lastly, even with all these measures in place, Google can still hit you when you least expect it. It will be wise if you can have more than 1 account. That way, you get to spread your risks and earnings. Any month that one doesn’t pay you, the other one will.

How to Increase Your Adsense CTR in 2023

Any of the codes listed below can be used. The posts will then be visible in the header section. Please take aware that your CTR will also skyrocket as a result of this. If you don’t want your CTR to rise, avoid using it.

How to Increase Your Adsense CTR in 2023