How to stop the GHS10 SIC Life Insurance Policy Deduction

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How to stop the GHS10 SIC Life Insurance Policy Deduction

Many teachers are eager to stop the SIC Life Insurance Policy Deduction on their payslips. The reason being that they were not informed about the policy before it was initiated in 2019. After agitations by some GES staff, the company made it optional.

Meanwhile, some individuals who surrendered the policy did not receive their refund whereas others could not opt-out at all. Currently, some persons who applied to surrender the policy are still being deducted without their consent. Most GES staff, teachers especially have found ways and means to surrender the policy. Here is the simplest way to opt-out call for a refund of monies deducted as a result of an unintended subscription to the policy.

According to SIC, some of the benefits teachers will enjoy are subsidized monthly premium, of GHS 10.00, Death cover (Natural and accidental causes) up to an amount of GHS 18,000, permanent disability covers up to GHS 18,000, 10% cashback every three years when no claim has been made within the period, critical illness: GHS 9,000 upon diagnosis (cancer, kidney/renal failure, heart attack, deafness, loss of sight, stroke, paralysis, loss of speech.)


  1. Download the GES-SIC Exit form from HERE
  2. Fill the form by providing your Name, District /Region, Staff ID, and Contact Number.
  3. Append your signature and provide the mobile money number or bank account details for refund of deductions made.
  4. Address the form to your local GNAT leaders immediately for it to be worked on.

However, there will be no need to terminate or surrender the policy if you are enticed by the terms and conditions stated above.