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“I’m going through a lot of predicaments, I can’t take it anymore”-Teacher blames GES officials

A teacher (name withheld) in one of the districts in the Upper West Region has narrated his ordeal after he decided to take a transfer from Tamale to the region. He served in Tamale for 10 years after he was posted to the municipality in 2019. “I’m going through a lot of predicaments, I can’t take it anymore”, The teacher posted after he accused some GES officials of being wicked to teachers.

According to him, a directive was given from the Ghana Education Service (GES) Headquarters that his old station in the Tamale municipality should validate him for the first three months before his current station take over. This directive according to the teacher was stated in the transfer letter but unfortunately, on his part, both GES directorates acted incompetently and his name was taken off the payroll.


“My new station is located in one of the districts in Upper West Region, WA. The problem is this, it was stated in my transfer letter from the headquarters that my old station, Tamale should validate me for 3 months before my new station take over. Unfortunately, both sides acted incompetent, that’s my name was taken out of the payroll (From Nov2019-March 2020)”, He lamented.

He further added that in Upper West, He was posted to a school that was not captured under any management unit and later decided to apply for salary re-activation.


Upon several follow-ups, it took him a period of 4 months before his name was captured in the District Education Office instead of the school he teaches.

“At my new station in Upper West Region, I was posted to a School which is not captured in any management Unit which I wasn’t told. Later, I decided to apply for Salary activation and change of management Unit which took me for the period stated above (4mths). Upon several follow-ups, my name was captured in the District Education Office, instead of the School I teach”, he explained.



Notwithstanding the above treatment, he was again instructed by his IPPD coordinator to reapply for a change of management unit of which he did but could not yield any positive results at the end and this was followed up by transferring the teacher to a different school in the same district.


“I was told by the IPPD man to reapply for change of management Unit which I did in November 2020. I did follow up but it proved futile and I was further transferred to a different school in the same district, my head in the new School used to add me as a missing staff, still, my name was still in the office”.

According to the teacher’s ordeal, he was insulted and trolled by the Human Resource Manager when he did not receive June’s salary and decided to inquire from the office as to why he was not validated for the month.


“I was happily waiting for my June salary, not knowing that I wasn’t validated in the office. Due to that, my name went off from the payroll again which I reapply for salary activation and a change of management Unit recently. When I complained to the Human Resource, I was insulted for not making enough follow up”, he added


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