January 2023 salaries Paid with 30% Effected: All promotion Arrears Paid-Check

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January 2023 salaries Paid with 30% Effected: All promotions Arrears Paid-Check

The 30% base pay increase was implemented in January 2023 salary payments made by the Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD).

When the CAGD turned on the January validation portal to allow validators to validate their personnel, this was confirmed. The table includes the new salary rise for public sector employees following the base pay increment, in accordance with the data gathered.

2023 Salary Increment for Workers in Ghana

Salaries for 2023 with 30% Increment in Ghana

Promotion of working Staff and Payment of Arrears

According to information acquired, public sector employees, particularly those working for the Ghana Education Service (GES) and Ghana Health Service (GHS), earned significant upgrades and promotions in January.

In addition to the salary paid, the evidence indicates that 3–4 months’ worth of arrears had been paid.

How much is the Arrears Paid?

Based on the person’s rank and monthly basic wage, arrears are paid. Together with the pay that was paid, the arrears total between GHS 3,500 and GHS 6,000.