JHS [1-3] End of Promotion Exam-Free Download

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Here are samples of the Junior High School (JHS) end-of- term promotion exam uploaded for teachers to download.

The sample exam questions cover the GES syllabus and scheme of work expected to be taught for the third term in the 2021/2022 academic year.

Teachers can download the questions, edit and print them and assess students with them.

The end-of-term exam questions sample is in two categories. That is the JHS One and Two exam questions.
We have however uploaded samples of Junior High School three sample questions as well which can be accessed from HERE.

How to Download The End of Term Promotion Exam Questions.

The sample questions can be downloaded by tapping on the links with the subject corresponding names. Kindly note that the first set of questions are for JHS one whereas the second set is that of form two’s.

End of Third Term Promotion Exam-JHS One

End of Term Promotion Exam For JHS Two-Free Download

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