GES responsibility allowance

The Management of the Ghana Education Service (GES) has cleared the misinterpretations concerning the issue of responsibility allowance.

A statement sighted by and signed by the Director of Human Resource at the GES-Headquarters, Mrs. Adwoa Vanvicker has noted that there are lots of misinterpretations over the issue of Responsibility Allowance within the Service, especially among staff, and wishes to offer clarifications.

According to the GES, the following interpretations should be noted by all GES personnel;

Responsibility Allowance is payable to only professional teachers who are of the
following ranks:
Deputy Director
Assistant Director
Assistant Director
Principal Superintendent

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However, responsibilities which attract the allowance among the teaching staff are as follows;

  1. School Head (Basic)
  2. Headmasters/Mistresses (SHS)
  3. Assistant Headmasters/ Mistresses (SHS)
  4. Chaplains/Imams
  5. Form Master/Mistress (Class Master/Mistress)
  6. Guidance and Counselling Co-ordinators
  7. Heads of Departments (Programme Heads)
  8. House Master/Mistress
  9. Frontline Heads (at Districts, Regions)
  10. Unit Heads (Headquarters)

For the avoidance of doubt, Head of Department refers fo the following Departments

  1. Agricultural Science
  2. Business
  3. Technical
  4. Home Economics
  5. Visual Arts
  6. General science
  7. General Arts
  8. Languages
  9. Mathematics and ICT

Non-teaching staff entitled to Responsibility Allowance are:

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a) Principal Accountant (Substantive)
b) Principal Internal Auditor (Substantive)
C) Pincipal Administrative Officer (Who has duly been posted as Head of the
Administrative Unit by the Regional Director of Education to a School/office).

Staff are also to note that their respective responsibilities are factored into the salary level on the single spine salary Structure. Therefore, there is no separate salary line for Responsibility Allowance on the paysip.

However, the Management gas indicated that these clarifications should bring to rest some of the agitations within some sections of staff.
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