JUST IN: Govt begins payment of teachers arrears

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The Government of Ghana has begun payment of arrears owed to teachers. Currently, information available to Educandghana.net indicates that teachers who were upgraded somewhere in 2018/2019 have partly received their arrears.

The three months arrears paid by the government covered only three months (March 2021, April 2021, and May 2021) in addition to June salary. Even though most teachers had their upgrading effective as far back as over twelve months ago, they took the three months arrears.

Additionally, information gathered indicates that the majority of teaching staff are worried because they believe that this coming month (July 2021), those whose upgrading arrears will be paid are NOT GOING TO RECEIVE ANY ARREARS. They are just going to be put on the scale in July 2021.

According to persons in the chalk fraternity, they believe they are not fairly treated when it comes to promotions and payment of arrears to them. Teachers have therefore calling on the leadership of the various teacher unions to intervene before it is too late.