Just In: Newly trained teachers should submit their Staff IDs to their headteachers for April validation

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Newly trained teachers who have received their staff IDs are requested to submit them to their various headteachers for April’s validation. A blog post intercepted by educandghana indicates that 2020 newly posted teachers upon submission must insist that their headteachers validate them whether the school has a management unit or not. If the school doesn’t have a management unit, the school that validates the teachers under that particular school should validate you.

According to the post, 2020 newly posted teachers whether or not have done the biometric must be validated because validation is not done once but rather a recurring process.

Headteachers are however urged to take the staff IDs of all newly posted teachers in their respective schools and make sure to add them during validation even if their school doesn’t have a Management unit. The heads are urged to take the staff IDs of the new teachers and hand them over to the school in charge of validation. Therefore, all new teachers are to stay alert as validation for April 2021 may commence any moment from today.

However, newly posted teachers with wrong spelling of names can make the necessary corrections when salaries start to hit their accounts.

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