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Laptop Distribution: All JHS teachers asked to submit these Details to initiate distribution

The Ghana Education Service (GES) earlier issued a statement indicating that teachers in the Junior High School (JHS) submit their data to initiate the distribution process.

According to the GES, the data collection for distribution is in batches. As part of the modalities to ensure a smooth distribution process, all Regional Directors are to liaise with the teachers of Junior High Schools in their Regions to provide them with a validated list of names of Teachers in their various Schools after the SHS teachers submitted their data.

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Headteachers are to ensure the submission of only JHS teachers’ names by providing the following details on the template that will be sent to their schools from the various Regional Education Directorates through the District Directors.

Laptop Distribution: Details to be submitted by JHS teachers for collection

  1. Name of District
  2. Name of School (JHS ONLY)
  3. Name of Teacher
  4. Sex
  5. Staff ID
  6. Registered Number (IN ANY)
  7. Rank

Meanwhile, the collection of data for the primary school teachers will be next. MORE UPDATES SOON!!
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