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Latest update on GES promotion of teachers at Lower Ranks (SSII to SSI)

Latest update on GES promotion of teachers at Lower Ranks (SII to SSI)

Latest update on GES promotion of teachers at Lower Ranks (SSII to SSI): The long-awaited day for teachers at GES lower ranks has come. can confirm that the necessary documents needed by GES to promote teachers from Senior Superintendent II (SSII) to Senior Superintendent I (SSI) have been forwarded to the Director-General of GES pending his approval.


Information gathered by our team currently indicates that initially there was a challenge in securing financial clearance to pave way for the promotion to be done. Currently, we can confirm that the financial clearance has been secured. The issue at hand currently is that teachers who qualified to be promoted to the senior ranks such as PS, ADII, ADI, and DD are still being put on their scale in batches.
Due to this circumstance, the promotion of teachers at the lower ranks is likely to be delayed even though financial clearance has been secured.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) earlier this year opened the window for qualified teachers of the lower ranks (Superintendent II) to apply for promotion to the rank of Senior Superintendent I. The application process ended in July 2021 awaiting a response from the GES Headquarters. The GES can therefore issue promotion letters any moment from now. MORE UPATES SOON!!




  1. PEACE Alias says:

    How is the distribution of the laptop being too slow? The is a single person who is doing the distribution?
    Send the thing to the regional office for the districts to go for for onwards distribution to the schools.
    Simple distribution logic elude GES. Tweaaa

  2. Good news, but GES should try as much as possible best to do things faster.

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