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The Ghana Education Service (GES) has issued a new directive regarding the wring of approval or permission letters for further studies to the education office. According to the directive, individuals who are on further studies are to write approval letters to inform the service about it.

Previously, the various district educational directorates used to give approval letters, therefore, all approval or permission letters for furthers studies were directed to the district directors.

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Currently, permission letters when directed to a district director will be rejected. There is a new directive from GES headquarters, Accra that those applying for approval for further studies must direct their letters to the Director-General through the Regional, Municipal, CS, and the Headteacher.

However, students especially those offering the UCC 3 and 5-semester programmes who submitted their approval letters in December 2020 of which the letters were directed to their various regional directors of education are not affected in this sense.

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Meanwhile, teachers who will be returning to their various campuses to write their end-of-semester exams will have to direct the letter to their municipal or district directors.




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