List of Banks in Ghana and their Current Interest Rates-2022 /2023

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List of Banks in Ghana and their Current Interest Rates

Here is the list of banks operating in Ghana and their interest rates in 2022. According to the bank of Ghana average lending rates of universal banks published in July 2021, the lending rates of twenty-three (23) banks were published.

This article will throw light on the percentage rates of each of the banks. Let’s first take a look at the banks that were mentioned in the 2022 bank of Ghana lending rate list.

How Many Commercial Banks do we have in Ghana?

According to the Bank of Ghana, there are twenty-three (28) known commercial banks in Ghana and twenty-three private banks operating in Ghana. The list of commercial banks are as follows;

List of Commercial Banks in Ghana

  • Absa Bank Ghana Limited
  • Access Bank limited
  • Agricultural Development Bank Limited
  • Bank of Africa Ghana
  • CalBank PLC
  • Consolidate Bank Ghana
  • Ecobank Ghana Limited
  • FBNBank Ghana Limited
  • Fidelity bank Ghana Limited
  • First Atlantic Bank Limited
  • First National Bank Limited
  • Ghana Commercial Bank Limited
  • Guaranty Trust Bank
  • Natinal Investment Bank Limited
  • omniBSIC Bank Ghana Limited
  • Prudential Bank Limited
  • Republic Bank Ghana (PLC)
  • Société General Ghana PLC
  • Stanbic Bank Ghana Limited
  • Standard Charted Bank Ghana Limited
  • Universal merchant Bank
  • United Bank of Africa
  • Zenith Bank Ghana Limited

The table below shows the list of banks in Ghana and their interest rates

List of Banks and their current Interest Rates in Ghana 2022

1 Absa Bank Ghana Limited 23.59
2 Access Bank limited 17.77
3 Agricultural Development Bank Limited 24.89
4Bank of Africa Ghana Limited17.19
5 CalBank PLC 15.97
6Consolidated Bank Ghana 21.62
7 Ecobank Ghana Limited 18.41
8FBNBank Ghana Limited 22.25
9Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited20.64
10First Atlantic Bank21.35
11First National Bank Ghana Limited20.55
12GCB Bank Limited22.80
13Guaranty Trust Bank Ghana Limited16.97
14National Investment Bank Limited21.77
15OmniBSIC Bank Ghan Limited17.95
16Prudential Bank Limited21.93
17Republic Bank Ghana PLC21.04
18Societe General Ghana PLC23.61
19Stanbic Bank Ghana Limited 20.86
20Standard Charted Bank Ghana Limited20.82
21United Bank for Africa Ghana Limited19. 05
22Universal Merchant Bank Limited19. 05
23Zenith Bank Ghana Limited19.45
List of Banks and their current Interest Rates in Ghana 2022

Which bank in Ghana has the lowest interest rate in 2022/2023?

With reference to the table above endorsed by the bank of Ghana, CalBank PLC has the lowest interest rate. It has an interest rate of 15.97% followed by Guarantee Trust bank Ghana Limited with a lending rate of 16.97%. There are other banks like Bank of Africa Ghana with 17.19% and Access Bank coming in with 17.77%.

Which banks Have the Highest interest rates in Ghana?

The highest interest rate is 24.89 percent, according to the Bank of Ghana’s average lending rates report for 2021. This is the rate of the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB). Absa Bank Ghana Limited and Société General both have 23.59 percent and 23.61 percent of the market share, respectively.

Which bank is best for savings in Ghana?

Zenith Bank Ghana Limited is one of the best banks for savings in Ghana. The Ghana Commercial bank is having a lot to offer its customers when it comes to savings. Data Bank is not left out when it comes to savings. They have flexible packages in terms of savings.