List of GES Leave Entitlement for Teachers

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List of GES Leave Entitlement for Teachers-here are the all the leave Benetis Teachers are Entitled to

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has listed all the leave entitlement which teachers are due to benefits.

This is an agreement between the teacher unions, the GES, and the Ministry of Education in 2020. According to the collective Agreement for teaching staff within the GES, teachers are entitled to the following leave with the details below;

List of GES Leave entitlement For Teachers

  • Terminal leave
  • Leave for examination
  • Causal leave/emergency leave
  • Study leaves
  • Sick leave
  • Maternity leave
  • Compassionate leave

Employees of the Ghana Education Service (GES) assigned to teaching tasks at an educational institution may be granted annual leave during the holidays with the agreement of management. However, an employee shall not proceed on leave before he or she has completed his termly academic work.

All types and manner of leave with or without pay shall receive the prior approval of management. Also, employees shall enjoy a number of days as annual vacation leave in accordance with their status and rank.

An employee may be called upon to perform certain duties as the exigencies of the service may demand. In such cases, the employee will NOT forfeit the remaining days of leave but will be compensated by receiving transportation and travel expenses to enable the employee to continue with the leave.

Duration of annual leave in GES

  • Teacher to Principal Superintendent Rank-21 working Days
  • Assistant Director II to Deputy Director -28 working Days
  • Director II to Director General-36 working Days


Employees who are due for retirement are granted 3 months of terminal leave to enable them to prepare for retirement.

Leave for Examination- GES leave entitlement for teachers

Employees who during the working period sit for an approved examination may be granted leave with full pay. This will affect the number of days which one takes the exams.  This will be counted as emergency leave. The GES leave for examination covers the following exams; entrance exams to approved institutions approved professional exams for further courses, promotion exams, and interviews, degree examinations or equivalent, and examinations relevant to service.

Casual Leave/ Emergency Leave

This type of leave applies to employees sitting for examinations other than those listed above. The employee in all cases must apply for approval.

GES leave entitlement for teachers -Study Leave

Study leave with or without pay may be granted to GES staff upon the approval of the Director-General of education. It may be granted by the DG of GES to members of the service for approved courses only. Learn more about the GES study leave APPROVED COURSES HERE.

However, study leave with or without pay is governed by rules and regulations after approval. This is related to the guidelines, duration, qualification, and bonding which may be changed from time to time by the GES.  Also, employees who are granted study leave with pay to study outside the country shall in addition to the book allowances be paid a warm clothing allowance. The value shall be determined from time to time. Personnel who obtain higher qualifications via distance education in any approved courses shall be upgraded.

Sick Leave

an employees who becomes unfit to work due to sickness shall inform his head of institution and later report to the nearest government Practitioner for treatment. A certificate must be obtained by the employee indicating whether he/she shall be excused from duty and if so, the duration.

Maternity or Partenity Leave

a woman employee on the production of a medical certificate by a recognized medical practitioner or midwife indicating the expected day of date of her confinement is entitled to 12 weeks maternity leave as stipulated in section 57 (1) the labour act, 2003(Act 651).

The nursing mother will be granted 2-hours off duty every working day on resumption of duty for a period of 12 months. However, such employees shall be permitted on their own request to take additional unpaid leave of up to one year after childbirth without loss of employment. The period of the maternity leave may be extended for at least a period of two weeks where the confinement is abnormal or two or more babies are born. No female employee shall be dismissed solely on the grounds of pregnancy.  In a situation where illness medically certified by a medical practitioner is due to her pregnancy, the female employee is entitled to additional leave as certified by the medical practitioner. Maternity leave shall however be added to annual leave entitlement or leave earned every year.

A male employee on the production of certificate/medical report issued by a qualified medical practitioner or midwife indicating the expected date of confinement of his wife is entitled to a period of annual leave to which that male employee is entitled.

Leave without Pay to Join Other Organization

Employees who wish to join their spouse overseas on approved courses of postings may be entitled to leave without pay up to a period of one year or more. Approval shall be given by Director-General of GES. Employees shall attach to their applications either marriage certificates or statutory declaration of marriage from both families of the married couples as well as documents confirming their spouses’ postings or approved courses. Applications for such leave shall be submitted to the Director General at least two months before the employee is due to leave the country. Applicants shall wait for approval before they leave. If after 60 days, no written approval is received, the application should be considered as having been approved. All such leave of absence shall not count as service periods.

Leave without pay may be granted to employees on the grounds of public policy by GES for a specific period of two years to enable them join other organizations. This leave may be renewed for another term of two years after which the employee may return to the GES subject to availability of vacancy and financial clearance. However, employees who are granted such leave are shall not proceed on the leave without first obtaining the consent and approval of the prescribed authority’ otherwise he/she shall be regarded as having resigned from the Ghana Education Service (GES) as from the date of the grant of leave without pay loss of all retiring benefits.

Compassionate Leave

In special circumstance, e.g. cases or tragedies involving an employees immediate family (parents, spouse, child) a head of department may on application grant an employee special leave. Such leave should not exceed a maximum of ten(10) working days and shall not be deducted from earned leave.

These are lists of the Ghana Education Service (GES) leave entitlement which teachers are to take note and apply for when it becomes neccessary.