Major problems faced by Africa

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Major problems faced by Africa

There are several problems faced by Africa as a continent. These factors have been worth being looked at as inhibited by the general wellbeing of the African people. In the case of Africa, unlike many developed countries, there is a shared theme that cut across them with many people with the notion that most problems being faced by the Africa people today can be resolved by the elite.

According to people in living on the African continent, the following are some of the major problems faced by them;


Countries in Africa have undergone two forms of liberated governance but are still stuck on the middle road. The struggle for independence is considered to be the first one. Africans struggled for independence from colonial rule then liberation from dictatorship after gaining independence. Getting proper democratic governance in some African countries today is a big problem.

Incumbent long-serving political leaders in some countries always find ways and means to alter or manipulate election outcomes or processes. Apart from increasing their term limits, the methodical undermining of civil societies and the opposition leaders is widespread in the countries. Some of these are the challenges for current governments in the Africa sub-region; healthcare, security, political stability, and initiation of developmental projects are the order of the day.


This is one of the endemic ways of life in much of the African continent. Corruption has permeated all the facets of life. Corruption has led to people in some sections of Africa being denied good access to the following; medical care, schools, and jobs, etc. Corruption is smelt to the grand scale of it like awarding of contracts and usage of public resources. The effects have been great in the negative sense. This has had an impact on both the local and foreign companies who wish to invest on the continent. Many local and foreign firms are forced to close down the business due to the high level of corruption.  Also, the misappropriation of public funds and biased ways of awarding contracts leads to a conflict of interest and this leads to compromising the quality of service available to members of the public. Corruption affects the key sectors such as education, infrastructure, and healthcare.


The whole world may be facing the issue of unemployment but that of Africa is more precarious. This is because previous governments and successive governments do not see the need to invest in the youth. As there is an increment of the labor force, there is always a vast disconnect between the older generation and in the majority of the decision-making and organs and the everyday expanding youth populace. The governments face challenges on how to create employment opportunities for the youth and this turn contributes to lower family income with many dependents. This can also lead to an increase in the crime rate due to joblessness.


Many landlocked countries on the continent of Africa experience excessive drought and famine. Prolong drought in these countries result in displacement of people and loss of livelihoods for a great number of people in areas such Niger, Mali, and many others. This hinders the development of the countries as it takes them steps back. This as well as affects the ability of future generations as they may be malnourished which may lead to sicknesses and even death.

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