March 2023 CAGD Salary Validation-Promotion; Upgrading; Arrears and Allowance Payment

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March 2023 CAGD Salary Validation-Promotion; Upgrading; Arrears and Allowance Payment

The Controller and Accountant General Department has activated the March 2023 salary validation portal for staff of various institutions and management units to be validated.

The Electronic Salary Payment Voucher (ESPV) site, which went live on March 20 at around 9:00 p.m., brought with it a lot of news that the staff had been eagerly anticipating.

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We will break down this month’s pay validation as always does, covering topics like what employees can anticipate, promotions, upgrades, arrears, and the allowances that were paid, among other things.

Promotion of GES Staff

According to data collected by EducandGhana, many teachers, particularly those at the lower ranks, have received promotions. The promotion that teachers and other GES non-teaching employees have been pushing for has finally been granted. It is significant to note that the GES management presently promotes staff members automatically when they are eligible. However, we can attest to the fact that there are other eligible employees who weren’t given promotions this month but should anticipate receiving them in the coming ones.

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Employees who pursued additional education to broaden their knowledge received bachelor’s degree certificates, and underwent the application procedure for an upgrade have all been put on the right scale.

This mainly pertains to people who held the positions of senior superintendent II and I and whose main professional qualification was a basic education diploma. The majority of these employees who submitted their information for the upgrade to the position of principal superintendent in March 2023 got it.


Many staff that got an upgrade in January 2023 and the subsequent months are expecting some kind of arrears that should be paid by the government. In a statement, the CAGD made it known that arrears will be paid in February 2023 but very few receive such arrears. This means arrears will be paid in batches and not at once. Affected persons should therefore expect some payment of arrears this month as usual.

Allowance Payment

We can confidently confirm that the payment of allowances such as responsibility allowances has been activated in the month of March as many teachers who have been assigned extra duties or responsibilities have started receiving the said allowances.