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Teachers welfare has been totally neglected by teacher unions-A Concerned Teacher laments

Members welfare has been totally neglected by teacher unions-By Norbert Gborgbortsi

CCT-GH was formed because teachers weren’t treated well at the time. No wonder we pride ourselves for the 15% retention premium teachers enjoy Nationwide. We are supposed to be the eye of all other teacher unions, so though the fight was against successive governments we also challenged ourselves by giving back to the teacher a token at the end of the year to show our appreciation and urge the teacher on that if no one recognizes their efforts, we colleague executives do.
This is the motive behind the end-of-year package. Other teacher unions quickly copied our good initiative and are priding themselves with it today. Our aim is to pressure the government to drive home the demands of teachers and members.

Today our Unions unfortunately barely confront the government on issues affecting teachers. Issues such as promotion, upgrading, unfair treatment, loss of name from payroll among others. The unions barely speak on the lack of textbooks to match the growing trend in the sector


Teaching and learning materials that are not available, dilapidated buildings which pose threat to both students and teachers in the hinterlands. Lack of electricity in all government schools which promotes the learning of ICT is no more a worry to our Unions

Why must our Unions give up on GES when we all know that there is nothing in our constitution which prevents teachers from disciplining a child when that child goes wrong, but allow them to fall on just mere directives which have brought a total lack of disciplinary measures across our schools Nationwide.


Our Union has totally forgotten about teachers who worked several years and were not paid. Till now more are languishing in poverty and pain for borrowing money to survive the periods they weren’t paid.
Maybe they are not affected so to them those teachers should carry their own cross.

The government promised of restoration of teacher trainees allowance and not slashing by half, that one too, our Unions sees nothing wrong with it. The silence of our Unions on the current situation where teachers don’t know whether they are teaching the new or the old syllabus is surprising.
Not to talk of the various tracks and semester system which is totally affecting both academy and other co-curricular activities in our schools.


The cancellation of fee payment which is grounding the growth of already developed and developing schools causing inefficiency and ineffectiveness in our schools hasn’t caught the eyes of our Union yet!

A deadly move by the government to procure past questions for our wards is not a worry to this our leadership. All these inhumane practices affecting our schools are not affecting the politicians because even the minister of free SHS has his ward enrolled in a private school. We are supposed to be the eyes of both government and the public. Let us serve the purpose of which teachers remain the most reputed group among society for if we lose the fight the society totally disables.


Now our leadership only focuses on which fund is to be renamed, how many cars and the types of cars to drive. How to loot money from members Accounts and look down upon members.
How to remain in power forever even if they’re not performing is their headache. How to carry the Union’s with them when they retire is what they think of. Members’ welfare has been totally neglected and they don’t care.

Well, maybe the teacher is also to be blamed because it’s teachers that form a union and if things are not well they are supposed to fix it. But if they sit unconcerned that’s when one can toil with them and go scot-free. I write this to you as a colleague teacher and urges you to ponder over it


(A concerned teacher)


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