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Mia Love Biography

Mia Love is a television personality who was known to have been born in Brooklyn, New York City. It will interest you to know that her birth was what enabled her parents to have a residence permit in the United States under immigration law during those days.

She is a product of Norwalk High School and was raised as a Catholic. At the college or university level, Love graduated from the University of Hartford Hartt School with a degree in musical theatre.

Who is Mia Love?

Mia Love is known to be a commentator and a political activist who has worked as Utah’s 4th congressional district representative from the year 2015 to the year 2019. It will interest you to know that Mia was the first Black person to be elected to Congress. In 2019, CNN enlisted Love as a political commentator.

Mia Love

Mia Love Net Worth: How Much Does she have?

The Net Worth of Mia Love is not specifically known.

Mia Love Net Salary: How Much is she paid?

Mia Love’s salary information is not well assessed in the meantime.

Mia Love Career

Mia Love worked at the Echopass Corporation and Sento Corporation following college. Additionally, she worked as a flight attendant for Continental Airlines. Utah welcomed Love in 1998. In an effort to convince the developer of her neighborhood in Saratoga Springs, Utah to spray against flies, Love served as the community representative and this marked the beginning of her involvement in civic affairs.

Love was elected to the Saratoga Springs City Council in 2003. She was elected as Utah County’s first-ever female Haitian-American politician in January 2004. Love received approval from the city council to switch from the agriculture tax to the municipal tax during a recession.

She collaborated with other city council members to reduce spending, resulting in a drop in the city’s deficit during the recession from $3.5 million to $779,000. For a community of its size, Saratoga Springs currently has the best bond rating available.

In Utah’s 4th congressional district, Love ran for office in 2012. After the 2010 Census, the district was established. She faced out against state representatives Carl Wimmer of Herriman and Stephen Sandstrom of Orem for the Republican nomination but ultimately prevailed with more than 70% of the vote on April 21, 2012. Democratic incumbent Jim Matheson of the second district, who has served there for six terms, declared on December 15 that he would also run for the fourth congressional district.

Love started working as a contributor for CNN after leaving Congress. She also worked at The United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney as a senior fellow in a non-residential capacity. Love was designated a fellow of the Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy’s Institute of Politics and Public Service in the fall of 2020.

Love started working as the director of national outreach at the Center for Growth and Opportunity at Utah State University in June 2021. Love took Meghan McCain’s place on the ABC daytime talk show The View in August 2021 as part of a rotating cast of conservative guest hosts for the 25th season of the program.

Mia Love Parents Names

Mia Love was born to parents Jean Maxine Boudeau and Mary Boudreau.

Mia Love Age: How Old Is she?

Mia Love is 47 years old. She was born on December 6, 1975, In New York City in the United States.

Mia Love Husband Name

The name of Mia’s husband is called, Jason Love. The couple married in the year 1998. After four months of dating, Jason and Mia Love got hitched in December 1998. The Loves first resided in American Fork, Utah, where they were married, before relocating to Saratoga Springs. Three kids are living with the Loves as of 2017.

Mia Love Awards

Mia Love has no outstanding awards to her credit yet.

Mia Love Social Media Handles

(@MiaBLove) is her Twitter handle with 90.2k followers. On Instagram, she goes by the name (@repmialove) with 6652 followers.