NAGRAT Online Loan Application: Process your loan in 2 minutes

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NAGRAT Online Loan Application: Process your loan in 2 minutes

The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) after some years of establishing the union has introduced an online loan application portal for its members. One of the main reasons for the introduction is to ease the burden on members and ensure the privacy of members’ demand for loans.

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Unlike the other teacher associations, the burden of traveling from our schools/homes to Zonal offices in search of loan forms and traveling to District Education Offices for the director’s endorsement of loan forms has been curbed. It is important to note that the online platform enables members to process their loans within two minutes.

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According to NAGRAT, the issue of traveling from school to school in search of two guarantors for our loans, publishing desire for loans by moving all around with loan forms, missing loan cheques, not knowing the status of our loans, sending a loan cheque for one Region to another Region, and also the issue of someone using his/her personal reasons to starving members of their loans has been curbed after the introduction of the online loan platform.

How to Apply for NAGRAT Loan Online

  1. Log in to
  2. Enter your staff ID and password to open the dashboard
  3. Select the loan application icon
  4. Enter your Mandate number
  5. Repeat your mandate number
  6. Enter your Mandate OTP pin/code
  7. Enter your loan amount
  8. Enter the duration of your loan
  9. Upload your payment receipt only if you have paid off an existing loan (note: if you have no existing loan please ignore)
  10. Enter your guarantor’s staff ID then,
  11. Receive OTP from your guarantor to verify his/her guarantor
  12. Lastly, submit your loan application and
  13. Wait for your money in your own account as indicated in your profile