NEW: Colleges of Education reopening Date Update

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Students from the forty-six (46) public colleges of education have been in a state of dilemma ever since the Conference of the Principals of Colleges of Education postponed the reopening date. According to a press statement which was released by the SRC Board of one of the colleges of education urged students to disregard the initial communique which stated that Level 300 students were to report to school on 3rd of October, 2021 with the Level 100’s as well.

However, information currently gathered by indicates that after the postponement of the reopening date, the principals of the various colleges of education and the authorities of tertiary institutions have indicated that continue students will be reporting to their various campuses in 2022. The actual date is yet to be disclosed.

are waiting for the authorities of the universities to schedule the actual reopening date.

However, the reopening date of colleges of education with respect to the newly admitted students (Level 100s) is scheduled for next year 2022.

Thus is help cater for the 2021 WASSCE Candidates who applied as awaiting when 2021 colleges of education application window as opened.

The actual date of reopening will be communicated later by the authorities of tertiary institutions in Ghana and PRINCOF in early January 2022. CHECK OUT THE NEWLY UPDATED PRINCOF RESUMING DATE FOR COLLEGES OF EDUCATION HERE