NEW: GES Lower Rank promotion (SS-II to SSI) update-Details

The Management of the Ghana Education Service (GES) in 2020 postponed the promotion of teachers who were due for promotion from Senior Superintendent II (SS-II) to Senior Superintendent I (SS-I). This according to the GES was due to the outbreak of the novel virus which led to the closedown of schools nationwide.
GES staff who qualified for the promotion were individuals who were employed by the service in 2016. More to the point, these were teachers who graduated from the college or university with their entry point into the service as diplomates.

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As a result of the delay in promoting the said teachers, in 2021, teachers who entered the service with Diploma were asked to join the 2016 batch in the promotion supervision which was organized by the various district education directorates hence making it two batches of teachers to be promoted in 2021.

The Ghana Education Service- GES after supervising teachers who were due for promotion in July 2021 afterward shortlisted applicants who qualified to be promoted to the said rank.

Information gathered by reveals that teachers who qualified for the above-mentioned rank will be promoted and as a result will receive a salary adjustment. The information furthermore indicates that due to the mass promotion of teachers to the senior ranks, that of the lower ranks will delay. Deserving teachers will therefore be pushed to the senior superintendent I rank after the service is done with the senior ranks.

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Comparing the senior ranks to the lower ranks, teachers who were not promoted to the senior ranks at the right time were paid arrears hence it’s likely to happen to lower ranks.
According to the information made available to, there is a heavy workload on the GES currently because of the promotion of teachers to the senior ranks. We can confirm that due to workload, the promotion of teachers to senior ranks is done in batches. Teachers at lower ranks are therefore urged to stay calm as they will be promoted soon.

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