Here are the steps to linking your TIN to Ghana Card-Made Easy

The National Identification Authority (NAI) started its operations on Thursday 1st April 2021 after taking a break. The National Identification Authority (NIA) is currently operating in 14 Registration Offices at the premises of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) across the country.

In line with the Government policy to replace the Tax Identification Number (TIN) with the Personal Identification Number (PIN) on the Ghana Card, this co-location strategy with the GRA will afford Ghanaians aged 15 years and above who have not yet registered for the Ghana Card the opportunity to do so.

Ghanaians who have already registered for the Ghana Card are NOT to present themselves at any of these offices for re-registration as doing so would amount to a criminal offense, and such offenders shall be liable for prosecution.


The NIA assures registered Ghanaians yet to receive their cards that the cards will be issued to them at the NIA offices in their Regional and District Capitals when the permanent offices are established effective
1st June 2021. Other services rendered by the permanent NIA Regional and District offices include:

i. Continuous registration of all citizens from age zero to infinity free of charge;
ii. Registration of all foreigners legally and permanently resident in Ghana
at a fee;
iii. Replacement of lost or damaged cards at a fee (GH¢30.00) and
iv. Updating of personal records or data in the National Identification Register (NIR)
V. Correction of Info on a card received (GH¢30.00)

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Members of the general public are entreated to cooperate with both officers of the NIA and GRA to ensure successful operations at all the 14 offices within the GRA premises.

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