The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) has indicated that all persons who applied for the 2021 Population and Housing Census (PHC) should expect a call from the GSS. According to the service, most applicants have been called already and should not expect another call from them again because your status is already known to them.

However, individuals who have not received any text messages or calls are urged to relax or keep calm because this is not a final selection message. It is just a message for creating awareness that you will be called to know your availability. Some applicants may not receive the text or call but you will be invited for an interview or training.

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According to GSS, they already know the availability of applicants since they were directed to confirm their availability status on the portal. If the phone contacts you provided were not reachable, you will be sent a text message inviting you for training workshop at the district level in which at the end you will be picked or selected.

Applicants are however encouraged to make their phones available for any update or calls from GSS.

 According to GSS, complaints coming in are that most of the individual applicants refused to answer their calls. The service is therefore urging all applicants to answer their calls to enhance the smooth running of the process.

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“when you are being called, you don’t answer their calls so please answer your calls. If you had a missed call, just call back to find out who called. They might not answer it but keep calling”

The GSS has therefore also given the assurance that applicants with their details intact on the portal will surely sail through the process.

The GSS has indicated that most applicants were given messages to confirm their availability status but they refused. It is however urging those applicants to do so immediately. Persons who replied to the said message should not expect any call again because your status is known to them. CLICK HERE TO UPDATE YOUR STATUS

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People who were invited to the district offices for validation and to confirm your availability should not be expecting a call from them as well.

It has however cautioned applicants not to pay any monies to unscrupulous persons who promise to pick applicants for the exercise.




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