NEW: Handouts to be distributed to UCC 3, 4 & 5-semester sandwich students nationwide.

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The student leadership of 5, 4 and 3-semester sandwich programmes of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) have decided to distribute handouts to all sandwich students in the above-mentioned category nationwide.

According to a press release sighted by, the nationwide handouts delivery decision was necessitated due to hardship, thus, not all students will be able to make payment offers to register for their courses and partake in the online lectures.

Also, the majority of students face the challenge of accessing the e-learning platform. Thus, poor network in rural areas and many more.

Moreover, another factor that necessitated the above intervention is that the JHS teachers as at the time of reporting for the face-to-face session will also be preparing their final year pupils for their B.E.C.E.
Due to this, most teachers might not be permitted or Even decide not to report. Considering the number of days to be spent on campus, it will be very much expensive for students since they will spend only 10 days on campus with no quizzes and Examinations.

The student leadership however believes that, when handouts are distributed to students, they can study amidst these challenges. It has however assured that students will be updated on the prices of the handouts. Call the numbers below for More Clarification: