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NEW: Latest update on GES teachers lower rank promotion

The Ghana Education Service GES has revealed that it is working on the lower ranks of teachers. Teachers who are in a dilemma as to when they will be promoted from Senior Superintendent II to Senior Superintendent I have been urged to note that upgrading will be done first followed by promotion.

However, the promotion of both senior ranks and lower ranks will be done in batches. Information gathered by reveals that the various the Director-General of the Ghana Education Service (GES) has directed all the various district directors to submit the 2016 and 2017 list of qualified persons for the lower ranks hence district directors can not do anything about it. The promotion of teachers to Senior Superintendent I will enhance salary adjustment. However, teachers in this category are to note that the difference between point one of any rank to point one of the very immediate succeeding ranks is 250 cedis.

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Each point is 35 cedis,so as you increase in point,you get more closer to the next rank monetarily. Therefore when an individual is promoted, the difference wouldn’t be much. Concerning payment of salary arrears, persons will be paid arrears depending on the effective date on the promotion letter. Meanwhile, cannot confirm the effective date that will be quoted in the promotion letter.

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