NEW: NTC asks heads of pre-tertiary schools to create institutional Email Addresses-Procedures

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The National Teaching Council (NTC) is asking all heads of pre-tertiary schools to apply for institutional email addresses.

As part of teacher registration on the Teacher Portal Ghana (TPG) and the subsequent licensing of in-service teachers, the NTC is in the process of issuing email addresses for all pre-tertiary schools across the Country.

In line with the aforesaid, all Heads of educational institutions are to apply to the NTC for same. Heads of schools are to note that the following essentials will be needed for the application processes

  2. Name of School
  3.  Email Address of Head via which the NTC would send the would- be school email address,
  4. Active Phone Number of Head
  5. Scanned Copy of Headship Appointment Letter.

The application should be sent electronically to the email address: However, Heads are entreated to do the application as soon as possible. It is advised that the applications are thoroughly proofread/ edited before they are sent to the NTC.

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