New Requirements for GNAT Mutual Fund Loan Application-Check Now

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New Requirements for GNAT Mutual Fund Loan Application-Check Now

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has issued a new requirement as part of a basic requirement for accessing loans from the mutual fund.

According to the management of the fund, the Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD) continues to reject the black and white copies of national ID Cards therefore the justification for the delay in loan approval.

The mutual fund has therefore urged that all applicants henceforth must submit coloured copies of their national ID cards in order to fast-track the processing of loans at the facility. Meanwhile, individuals who have already applied are to resubmit their coloured copies of their IDs for processing to commence.

The fund has indicated that a message containing a link will be sent to applicants to resubmit the coloured copies of the IDs. Individuals have been advised to consult fund representatives in their various districts for assistance in order to expedite the loan processing.

Management of the fund has also advised that henceforth any members who seek to transact with the fund should attach coloured copies of their IDs. Members and applicants are urged to check out the full requirements for accessing GNAT mutual fund loan.