Newly Posted Teachers Biometric Registration; List of District IPPD coordinators allegedly charging Money

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Newly Posted Teachers’ Biometric Registration; List of District IPPD coordinators allegedly charging Money

Some Ghana Education Service (GES) Integrated Personnel and Payroll Database (IPPD) coordinators in some districts, municipals, and metros are charging newly posted teachers some amount of money before getting their biometric documents processed.

Information shared with EducandGhana.net by some bemoaned victims indicates that some IPPD coordinators are demanding between GHS 50 and GHS 100 from the new teachers who have worked for almost 7 months without a salary.

EducandGhana can unequivocally attest that the IPPD coordinators in the districts of Daboase and Nzema East are currently taxing new teachers to pay amounts ranging from the amounts listed above. Wassa Amenfi West IPPD coordinator is likewise typical.

“Good morning, pls you’re being informed that an amount of Sixty (60) cedis would be collected from each teacher at the registration center. The total amount realized would be used to take care of the travelling, feeding, accommodation.. etc expenses of the registration officers from Accra. “

According to the affected newly posted teachers, the coordinators have threatened not to handle the biometric documents of individuals who refuse to succumb to the payment.

This has, however, left the general public and the newly posted teachers questioning whether the officials are getting paid for performing their tasks as a result of this alleged crime.

Affected teachers are therefore calling on the Management of Ghana Education and all stakeholders of education to intervene and bring a lasting solution to the canker.


“You people should come together and resist this robbery !! Cmon teachers de333 we let people take us for granted always just cos we are afraid to speak and question those in charge !!! I can’t imagine myself in this district ende3 anka they will transfer me apuuu !!”

“What if teachers with one voice draw attention of authorities about how the Biometric team wants to extort money from them?”

“In our district, we told our ippd told us that there is going to be a contribution over there and we told him that they said in for free and he said he’s to confirm. After his return he said we’re right but if you like pay and if you don’t don’t pay. He later said they’re in the office with us it is not by force”

“One sad aspect of it…is that..the coordinators have appointments some of our own colleagues to collect this money..they are afarid to collect the money themselves”