Newly Qualified Trained Teachers set to demonstrate against NTC Portfolio Assessment

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Newly Qualified Trained Teachers set to demonstrate against NTC Portfolio Assessment

2020 Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT’s) have threatened to demonstrate against the Government and the National Teaching Council (NTC) over a calculated attempt by the government to delay and deny Some NQTs posting.

 According to the newly trained teachers, It is disheartening and sad to hear the agony and plight of the 2020 batch of NQTs because they were made to understand that one needs to be licensed to qualify him or her as a teacher in Ghana. As a result of which the teacher licensure examination came into being. Trained teachers who wrote the exams in 2020 failed woefully. About eight thousand trained teachers failed this exam.

The 2020 batch of trained teachers has asserted that the government of the day’s agenda is not to employ the 2020 batch of trained teachers who are currently undertaking their one-year mandatory National Service teamed up with the NTC to introduced what is called Portfolio Assessment for NQTs.

Monitoring from various platforms, some national service personnel have no knowledge about the s portfolio assessment.

“It is shocking to know that even permanent teachers who have been in the field for some time now have no knowledge about this portfolio. One would have thought that since this whole process is a novelty and looking at its cumbersome nature, a workshop would be organised to sensitize these service personnel if only NTC really mean well for this new initiative but they decided to put them in the dark, with no official communication to them, only to see their names been listed with their assessors at the eleventh hour of their service year. This clearly shows that it’s deliberate attempt to eliminate some NQTs with rough tactics” a concern Newly Qualified Teacher wrote.

Many of these new teachers from the colleges of education are still in a dilemma as to why they wrote the licensure exams.

“My question now is, why did they even write the licensure exams in the first place? Even if this portfolio assessment is really key in raising the standard of teachers as they are making it look like, why not testing it with the in-Service teachers so they could mentor the NQTs? Why personnel’s who are yet to be employed? They are supposed to learn from these permanent teachers but how could personnel build a portfolio of 21 requirements when their mentors have no knowledge about the whole thing. surprisingly one needs to score 60% and more before the person can be employed, this clearly tells the wicked agenda of the government”

Over 15,000 newly trained teachers were expecting the Ghana Education Service (GES) to open the recruitment portal in September but it didn’t happen due to the impromptu introduction of the portfolio assessment by the NTC. They have insisted that it is an attempt by the government to use NTC as a vessel to deny many NQTs postings.

The qualified trained teachers from the 46 colleges of education are set to organize a nationwide demonstration on the 4TH OCTOBER, 2021. MORE UPDATES SOON!!